Familjen Länsmans är ättlingar till bonäsbor som hade sin fäbodrift i Fryksås fram till mitten av 1960-talet. Vi bestämde oss 2004 för att flytta från Bonäs till Fryksås, Orsa, och bosätta oss permanent i den gamla fäbodgården.


The Länsmans family are descendants of Bonäs , which had its farm pasture in Fryksås until the 1960’s. We decided in 2004 to move from Bonäs and settle permanently up here in Fryksås, Orsa. In the summer of 2006 we opened Smidgården, which Per largely built on its own. There are about 30 beds in two 8-bed apartments and 2-4-bed cottages with self catering. Our Relax area complete with spa in a unique environment, cafe, dinner on request, conferences, courses. The restaurant can seat 70 guests, as well as an outdoor dining area with breathtaking views.

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